Happy Birthday Boy

Well, the night was a success. I got home from work and the minute I walked in the door CootieBoy cried, “MAMA! I HAVE PRESENTS!” and ran into the other room to get them. He couldn’t even make it back to where I was before he starting ripping and tearing in to the gifts. No finesse whatsoever.

He was thrilled with his loot. He got some DVDs from Marmie and Pop (Little Einsteins and VeggieTales), a Scooby Doo plug ‘n’ play video game and a Diego The Explorer Wii game. He also got one of those “bounce the ball on the wooden paddle” games (I have no idea what the real name is for those things). And last but not least, a couple small Star Wars figurines. It was the birthday of marketing genius since every gift was associated with a movie/tv character. *lol* (CLICK TO ENLARGE PICTURES)

Denis had picked up the cake when he got home from work, so all I had to do was grab the Lego Indiana Jones things I had put together a couple days ago and put them on the cake without CootieBoy knowing about it. I got lucky, and the cake was a hit!

Once cake had been eaten (or at least pushed around on the plate in lieu of eating because, hey, the Indiana Jones toys on the cake can be played with!) we plugged in the Diego game and let the boy play for a bit. Sadly, it’s not really a two-player game, which upset CootieGirl more than a little bit. Or at least, I couldn’t find a two-player section. Fortunately, the game really IS child-appropriate and I didn’t really have to help CB AT ALL. That’ll be a nice change of pace over the Lego Indiana Jones game where I’m kind of required to be nearby to help him sometimes.

All in all a big hit and the only hitch came at bedtime, when CootieBoy thought it meant the toys would all be returned. No idea where that came from, but he was really afraid that everything would be gone this morning. Once I assured him that no – these toys are his forever – he was okay about going to bed. *lol*

Edited to add: You can now buy your own Indiana Jones cake topper if you don’t want to make one like I did:

Indiana Jones Birthday Cake Topper Set Featuring Indiana Jones and Themed Decorative Pieces

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  1. That cake Rocks! Save me a piece will ya! Mmm Mmm Cake. I too think it turned out to look just like the picture you submitted last week. Makes me want to go out and get some Lego Indiana Jones Toys.

    Even the trees look like the trees in the game.

    Too Cool!

  2. Happy birthday, CB! I’m so sorry no present has come from the Speaks’ yet, but it will get there. I’ve been too sick to do anything except puke lately.

  3. Paddle ball…

    The cake DID look even better than the other one; well done!!

    I wonder if he thought the gifts would be returned ’cause we had him leave his Diego toy here so he’d have something to play with when he comes. I’d be happy to send it to him if you want.

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