Hammering Out the Itinerary

Slowly but surely the itinerary for our NC/SC trip is being nailed down.

  • Wednesday night we’ll leave the kids in capable hands and drive to my folks’ house.
  • Thursday afternoon we’ll head on down to my grandmother’s for the night.
  • Friday we’ll drive to the timeshare and check-in, possibly go out to dinner with Cakes and Wifey once we’re settled (and that’s only if C/W decide to shack up with us).
  • Saturday is Homecoming and hanging with my pals Noel and Beth and their adorable kids.
  • Sunday we’ll hang out in Asheville and do touristy stuff like visit Biltmore Estate and try to find some local artists that we can support with a purchase (we try to do that in every town we visit).
  • Monday we’ll delve into the town hunt, starting with Fort Mill, SC and the outlying areas of Charlotte. We’ll spend the day just kind of exploring the area, and visiting towns that might be worth considering. Then I’ve confirmed that we’ll be meeting my friends Marty and Heather for dinner, along with their daughters, whom I’ve never met (I haven’t seen Marty since the mid-1990s).
  • Tuesday is scheduled with Chapel Hill and Apex, NC. Again, lots of exploration to determine if we want to keep those towns in the list. I’m hoping that once we’re done with those towns we can meet up with Kirby and Anthony for dinner – I haven’t heard back from them yet on their availability.
  • Wednesday is Raleigh and Wake Forest, NC. It’s the longest drive from the timeshare, but Wake Forest is one of the top three towns on my current list.
  • Thursday is a free day, but if Denis is up for it I wouldn’t mind returning to whichever towns Denis deems most worth a second glance.
  • Friday we check out and drive all the way back to my parents’ house for the weekend.

    I’m hoping to also see Mary and Aaron, and Charles and Dorie while we’re down there. Denis and I want to see a local theater production in Asheville and have asked Aaron/Mary if they are interested. It’s just a matter of picking whether Wed. or Thurs. is better and then I’ll buy the tickets. Then Charles/Dorie will get “stuck” with whatever day is left at that point, and I have to hope they are available.

    It’ll be a busy trip, but a fun one that I’m really looking forward to. I’ll see if Denis can take his laptop on the offchance that we can log on to the Internet from the timeshare and check in on our progress.

    15 days!

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    1. Sounds like a busy trip. Be sure to say HI to everyone at homecoming. Tell them that I’m moving into my house that weekend (which is hopefully going to be true).

    2. It looks like a full itinerary, but I have to tell you, we’re only about 15 min. from Apex! (A great town, by the way) You’re welcome to come by or I could meet you somewhere in Apex for coffee or something. 😀

    3. I was thinking of taking the laptop. I only have to figure out how to log in via dial up. We have a cable modem at home. I’m sure we can dial up with Comcast too. Have to take care of that before we leave.

    4. Oooh, I’m jealous. Asheville, NC is one of my favorite places. There are lots of retired New Yorkers in that area (my husband’s parents lived near there when they retired).
      If you’re trying to diet, stay away from the Entenmann’s Bakery Outlet in Asheville. It’s glorious gluttony!

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