I ended up taking CootieGirl out for a little bit of trick or treating last night. We had about 40 kids show up at our house throughout the night. When CootieGirl came home from daycare she had a little bag that had some candy she got when treating there. We hung out with our neighbors for a bit in the front of our houses and I could tell that CootieGirl was a little intrigued. So I took her home to put on her tutu, but she demanded her Princess nightgown instead. So yes, my daughter’s costume was a nightgown over a pair of jeans. Fancy, right?

We stopped in at about 8 houses. She never said “Trick or Treat” but she was all over the candy. We only went to houses that had pumpkins on their front stoops (she loves pumpkins and therefore likes anyone else that likes pumpkins). When we left each house she’d look up at me and say, “Thank you, Mama.” Then we’d hit another house, and as we walked away, “Thank you, Mama.” It was the sweetest thing.

After the 8-10 houses we hit she insisted we go home and see Daddy and CootieBoy. So home we went. Upon arriving home she opened up two lollipops and a bag of pretzels and alternated bites between the three until the smaller lollipop and the pretzels were gone. The other lollipop had to be put away for another day at that point.

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  1. šŸ˜„

    You should have driven her over to our house. We only had 15 kids come to our place and I was shoveling out the candy. The remainder of the candy (’bout two bags) got tied to my neighbors door for her kids to split up amoungst themselves.

    Next year if you take her/them out, you should bring her over.

  2. Are you telling me you are willing to take care of them for the time we’re in NC? Because that’s the ONLY way they would come with us at this point. I haven’t slept an entire night through since last Wednesday. I need this vacation sans kids.

  3. Glad you set your mom straight. I was going to do that. If Marmie wants to watch the kids for a week plus, we’ll take them down with us. I’d love to do that. But alas… It will have to wait until Thanksgiving.

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