1. Well, I saw you last weekend, and you already know I lOVE that color on you. Personally, I think you should keep this your color all the time. It really does bring out your eyes!


  2. Nope, no highlights. I’m going to leave it this color, and buy more boxes of the dye in case they discontinue it. No highlights for now.

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I like hair. I’m sorry that I feel that way. I’ll leave it at that. What my wife wants to do with her hair, I’ll support. It’s up to her.

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  1. I think your hair looks good long BUT I LOVED your hair when it was short and spiky!! I am with you on this one my hair is on the way out too…I am sick of getting my hair pulled! We could do the GI Jane look together!

  2. I just had to comment because I have an appointment on Friday for the same thing, a nice short haircut, for the same reasons that you talk about! I am sick of getting my hair pulled and there just is no time for hair, I couldn’t bare to get up any earlier than my 9 month already makes me get up just to attempt to ‘style’ my hair! Can’t wait for the short look! I like the pic of the ‘cute short haircut’ that you posted, I might have to take that one with me!

  3. Confession #1: I have VERY short hair.

    Confession #2: It has been called a crew cut by many.

    Confession #3: I does not alter my femininity.

    Confession #4: Geez. Femininity is hard to spell sometimes. Femininininity.

    Oh my goodness. Having short hair does not mess with your hormone levels. I am laughing at (not with) anyone who thinks such a thing.

    Some boys like girls with short hair. Some girls like key lime pie better than Oreos. Some cats like canned food better than dry food.

    Jaynee: You will look great with short hair. You are a happy glowing cute chipper Mom. And, let’s be serious here. It’s HAIR. HAIR! It would be different if you said you were considering the amputation of your left foot!

    Pssssst: The BEST MOMs have short hair. And, of course, I’m kidding. But I’m NOT kidding when I say that the Best Wives don’t necessarily have flowing locks!

    I can’t wait to see your new style!

  4. *lol* I never preview either – with sometimes disastrous results!

    BRAVO, all you short-haired women, for standing up for me (and the long-haired ones too)! I’ll definitely post a picture of the “before/after” shots of my haircut. =)

  5. Jaynee, I popped over from Jen’s blog and I just wanted to encourage you to get that cute short cut if you want to. My daughter’s all grown up now, but when she was little, my hair was VERY long, like waist-length to mid-back. I almost never wore it down when I was around her. Wore it up in a bun most of the time. Finally got to where the issue was more time that hair-pulling. Long hair is just more trouble to take care of.

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