Had to be Fancy, Didn’t I?

A couple weeks ago I took these shoes out and blew the dust off ’em. I used to love wearing funky shoes, and bought these right around the time I kind of stopped wearing the funky shoes. I haven’t worn them in about three years, and they are in perfect condition. So I threw them on and wore them to church when I visited VA a couple weeks ago. They were so comfortable that I wore them to work today.

BIG mistake. As of 10 a.m. I started getting a blister on the heel of my left foot. I quickly layered on a bunch of BandAids to ward off any further damage, but I still feel mild heel rubbing whenever I walk.

BAD SHOE! For that, it get relagated back to the dust pile until a garage sale comes into the picture – then their getting slapped with 25 cent stickers and being sold to the lowest bidder.

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