Guess Where I Am?

It’s 8:42 a.m. on a Monday morning. Guess where I am???


Can you guess why? I bet you can’t…

No, no one is sick.
No, it’s not a holiday.
No, I didn’t take a vacation day.

This morning started off as it should – we all got up on time and started getting ready for the day, Denis eventually left for work, the kids and I finished getting ready, came downstairs, got in the car. Pressed the garage door opener button. Garage door went up about halfway and just stopped, but the gears in the opener kept grinding. I quickly pressed the button to reverse the door, and it closed.

And now it won’t open. Oh it makes the sound like it wants to open, but the door doesn’t move. So my car, which runs, which has kids strapped into car seats, ready to go to daycare, can’t get out. Which means no daycare, and no work. Because my garage door won’t open.

I quickly put in a call to Denis, who is on his way home to see if he can help me get it open. I also placed a call to the local servicing telephone number I found on the garage door opener. The kids are now out of the car, watching Mickey’s Clubhouse and wondering why they aren’t at school yet. And I left a message for Mr. BIL saying, “I know this sounds ridiculous, but I can’t leave my garage. Literally.”

The only option we have if this door doesn’t open is for Denis to take the kids to daycare, then take me to work. Then after work get the kids and then come get me and bring us all home. And then pray we can get this thing fixed tonight.

What sucks? It’s a holiday for some people, so there’s no guarantee these garage people will even call me back.

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  1. The opener should have a release mechanism to uncouple the door from the opener and let you open it manually. Then you can close it from inside, re-engage the mechanism to lock it down and go out the front door.

    Hope you have it solved by now, but that should work if not.

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