Guess What I’m Listening To Right Now?

I’m listening to Clay Aiken’s CD single right now. That’s right. I bought it. I did not, however, buy Rooo-ben Studdard’s CD single because the song they forced him to sing is crap. I may buy his full-length album though, since he’s a fabulous singer.

But for now, I’m content to listen to Clay “I hate to tell you fanatics out there but I am gay” Aiken’s CD single. Simon was wrong when he said “This is the Night” is a bad song – it’s really not. It’s a great song and wears extremely well on Clay. Way better that flying with wings song they forced on Rooo-ben.

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  1. ok first of all clay is not GAY! he said “i am not gay but i am not a womanizer, i just want to find the right girl for me” and second of all i go to his church,so when u say that clay is a load of crap thats like saying that the whole world is a peice of crap. just because when the critics looked to see what a bad past he had on him and when they saw they had nothing cept a speeding ticket, they tried to make him look gay. yeah thats all they could do to make him look bad. PRETTY PETHETIC!
    sorry but you should really think b-4 u say things or for in your case type!
    – a clay fan

  2. Ciara, rest assured – I am a Clay fan (why else would I buy his CD single?). And you can be gay and still go to church. And of course he’d say he’s “looking for the right girl” – otherwise he’d lose legions of dedicated girl fans who want to date him.

    and the song I referred to as crap was Rooo-ben’s song, not Clay’s. Make sure you read things correctly before you yell at people. Re-read my post – you’ll see that I was positive about Clay in the whole thing.

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. I am a big Clay Aiken fan and HE IS NOT GAY!! I think it is because of his accent; many North Carolinans have that accent. I am from NC, and I have a little different more southern accent than Clay. If he is gay, then I all North Carolinans are gay too. And if you’re going to pick on Clay, go somewhere else away from Clay lovers.

  4. No offense Ash, but this is the dumbest thing I’ve read in a long time:

    “I think it is because of his accent; many North Carolinans have that accent.”

    I went to college in NC and HAD that very same accent for four years. I’m not idiotic enough (and I’d say 99% of the population is not idiotic enough) to believe that a person’s ACCENT determines their sexual preference. *lol*

    I think he’s gay because I think he’s gay. Big deal. Why do all you Clay fanatics think that my calling him gay means I don’t like him? I love Clay and wanted him to win. I bought his CD. What more do I need to do to show you people that I’m a fan? Marry him?


  5. what does it MATTER if he is gay or not people? I mean like, we all still love him no matter wut his sexual prefferance right?

  6. clay isnt gay..he said he wasnt..i dont think he was just saying to so he wouldnt loose fans..even if he was gay, i would still be a fan and love him just as much..

  7. Yeah umm Clay is a great singer and performer so no matter what his sexual orientation is no one can take that away from him. Now being a gay man myself I should know a thing or two about this and from the moment Clay was first on American Idol my gaydar went off. I could be wrong about this but I really think hes gay. Now why would he say hes not gay 1)Doesn’t want to lose female fans. 2) He is religious so maybe he hasn’t even accepted or admitted to himself, 3)He just afraid what his family/friends might react. CootieGirl well in the end who cares he still cute! Btw My from the first moment I saw Jim Veraros I knew he was gay to so my gaybar does work! 🙂

  8. For starters, Clay is not gay, and next, there is no reason for anyone to think he is. Ya, he used to be nerdy and he has an accent. SO WHAT? He’s already told the public that he isnt gay and if thats not enough for you, then you just believe he is because you want to.

    P.S. Even if he was gay, its his business and his privacy should be respected

    -A devoted Clay Fan

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