Guess What I’M Doing in August?

Yep, I’m going to see the American Idol tour in Charlotte! I know, I know. Are you laughing at me? Well, keep laughing. I got a GREAT seat on the floor. I love buying single tickets because I can get closer than the folks buy 2-3 tickets. See this seating chart? My ticket is on the center aisle of F4 about due south of the 5 in the “F5”. It’s almost the exact same seat I had for the “So You Think You Can Dance” tour (in fact I’ll have to check that ticket stub to see how close the seat is to that tour – I know it’s within a row or two). And this time I know I can take a camera (I didn’t know that with the SYTYCD tour). It’s gonna be AWESOME.

And once again my hesitation caused me to miss out on a slightly better seat. With the SYTYCD tour I waited a week after the finale to get a ticket – if I had gotten them BEFORE the finale I would have gotten a seat in the front section for sure.

Next time I’ll know to get seats AS SOON as tickets go on sale – especially for SYTYCD. My friend Nic at work wants to go, but the key is to get SINGLE TICKETS and I don’t know how up for that she’ll be. I don’t mind going to those events by myself – I always get to know the people sitting around me, and it’s fun. I’ve been to a few concerts that way (notably The Monkees, Roger Daltrey, Howard Jones (although I ended up seeing people I knew there) and Sting).

I wouldn’t have gotten a ticket if Archie had won last night. I know the main reason I decided to get a ticket was because of the emphasis that will be on David Cook, who was far and away my favorite all season once we got down to the Top 24. Even when I didn’t like his performance or song I still had good things to say about him (although I did hate on his hair a lot before he cut it upon making it to the Top 10).

So I’m pretty excited!

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