Groucho Marx Day

My friend Donald e-mailed a link to an article on the ABC News web site. He knows I’m a big Groucho Marx fan and the article goes on to compare the relevence of Groucho and Elvis. I like Elvis’s music, but Groucho wins out in my book. Speaking of books, there’s a new coffee table book about Groucho Marx out or coming out next month. You can find it here at Amazon. It’s called “Arthur Marx’s Groucho: A Photographic Journey.” Looks like it will be a good one. Photos of Groucho through the years taken by his son Arthur. I’m putting it on my Christmas list. Hope Jane is reading this.

To quote a Groucho line from the Marx Brothers’ movie Duck Soup spoken to a jury about Chico’s character in the film: “Chicolini may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot, but don’t let that fool you. He really is an idiot.” Hello, I must be going.

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  1. Don’t forget the in-laws! We need gift ideas too. Have made the mental note to self…

    I never understood the Elvis thing. Although I’m not much for Groucho either.

  2. Hey, did you know that in the twenties the Marx bros. lived in Richmond Hill. Just a stones throw away from Kew Gardens. Check out

  3. Rob, I know that a lot of early movie stars lived in Queens and filmed in Astoria before they created Hollywood, and I’ve read at least 10 biographies on the Marx Brothers, so I know I must know this. I know they grew up on the upper east side, or somewhere in Manhattan. I’ll take a look at Thanks.

  4. I am studying grouch marx and i=f anyone can give me info and email it to me that woiuld be awesome thanks sooooooooooo much for your time.


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