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I hit up the grocery store this morning, because Harris Teeter is having a triple coupons week. I did pretty well.

This weekend Denis saw that a lot of the grocery gamers will post pictures of their loot so people can get a better idea of how much can be had for so little money. So I decided to do that.

Here is my picture:


In this picture you see mostly things that were on sale. A couple items were not on sale (ziploc bags) but we needed the bags and I wanted to take advantage of the triple coupon discount. Other items were on sale but I had no coupons for (the two bags of chips and the juice). For the stuff shown in the picture above, I paid $33.36. I saved $60.29. My percentage saved was 65%, which is one of my better ones of late.

I was only able to use twenty coupons, otherwise I would have kept on going. As it is, I only bought half the items on my list, so I’ll definitely be going back tomorrow for more.

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