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Today I hit the grocery stores to get some good bargains. Can I tell you that my pantry is stocked to the gills with cereal? There have been some GREAT deals over the past two weeks and I’ve been able to buy cereal for anywhere from 25 to 50 cents!!

Today I hit up Lowes Foods and Harris Teeter for some stockpiling. I had the kids with me, so I ended up buying a few non-coupon (but still on sale) items just to get them to quiet down.

At Harris Teeter my total came to $63.31, but I saved $51.43. My biggest cost there was the cat food – I bought a giant bag for $11.99. It was on sale, but I didn’t have ANY cat food coupons (I normally have a couple dozen – they must have all expired 12/31), so I didn’t get any extra off that. In any event, my receipt tells me that I’ve already saved $280 in VIC savings since January 1. That’s pretty amazing when the first month isn’t even OVER yet!! Percentage of savings: 45%

Then we went to Lowe’s, where I stock up on cereal and got a free gallon of milk for my trouble. 🙂 I paid $16.24 and saved $31.31 – resulting in 66% savings.

Average the two costs, and ONCE AGAIN I’m hovering at 55% savings on groceries.

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