GREAT Survivor Tonight


Okay, so the four of us watching Survivor all cheered and laughed when the final vote was read tonight. I was thrilled because I picked that person to go home this week (and got 30 points in my pool for that one). But also to see Rupert and Christa’s little high five over it made us all laugh ourselves silly.

And what was also great was that Probst even ASKED Burton how he felt blindsiding the competition and voting out people who didn’t expect it.

It’s about time the girls wised up and joined forces.

But you know what amazed me? In Burton’s goodbye speech for the camera, he specifically said, “Hope you’re happy, Lil. You had an alliance and you broke it.”

Uh. Burton? Hadn’t you just voted for Lil to go home?

Anyway, in my Survivor Pool, I still have the lead, and it’s pretty secure too – about 80 points more than my sister, who is in second place. Anthony and Denis are .32 points away from each other for third and fourth, respectively. And poor tiny Ace rounds out the list in last place solidly 160 points out of first place.

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  1. Oh, I have SO MUCH to say about this topic.

    1. YES! Burton VOTED for LIL and had the NERVE to say ‘I hope you can live with yourself’. What are you complaining for BURTON! You got your sorry CHEVY TRUCK for all your snowboarding and skiing…SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP! (I just hate that he was born in Texas)

    2. What is UP with Skinny Stank A$$ Johnny Fairplay saying that the women are all dumb and should go back to sweeping and mopping the floors! Where is N.O.W. when you need them?
    (I hope his grandmother breaks her HIP!!) He is a weasel and is part of the Axis of Evil.

    3. I don’t like Sandra…she is evil. She is second in command in the Axis of Evil. I was prepared to cuss her name if she began to sabbotage the tribe by hiding all that stuff.

    4. I can’t stand Lil…she is a WHINER!!! And, she competes in her GRANNY PANTIES!! And, can’t she ‘scoutmaster’-up some bug repellent! Did you see her legs last night??

    I love this show…Sunday seems like it is so far away!!!

  2. I’m pulling for Sandra. I don’t know where she’s from, but she has NYC moxy. I like that. Go Sandra. And you are right about Johnny being part of the Axis of Evil. And Burton has some nerve voting for Lil and then saying Lil has no loyalty. I’m sure they will all laugh about that on the reunion show. I still want Rupert to win. Hey, they brought back two contests who were voted out already, why not bring Rupert back now? I don’t think any of us would be unhappy about that.

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