Grace’s Baptism

We visted our old Kew Garden’s neighbors and friends Rob and Tara to witness the Baptism of their daughter Grace. (Isn’t she adorable?) Everything went well. Rob’s dad, a minister, presided over the service. Afterwards they had a reception in the church basement. We had a wonderful time, and CootieGirl was a very good girl. She slept quietly through most of the afternoon.

Grace wanted to pet CootieGirl like she does her cats, Rocky and Bruce. They are going to be great friends when they get a little older.

Everything went well until we drove home in the rain. Up until 9th Avenue in Manhattan the ride was typical. Then we hit the Van Wyke. Nobody has ever beaten the Van Vyke. (Just kidding. That’s just a little Seinfeld sneaking out.) Actually nobody was going to beat the Lincoln Tunnel this day. And we sat for an hour and a half moving about two blocks in that time. Not typical. We could have trimmed a half hour or 45 minutes if we didn’t try to save time and go down the truck route. Oh, well.

I fed CootieGirl while we were stuck in traffic, quieted her down and eventually we were off for home. CG loves car rides. Good for us!

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  1. Yes, she definitely is. And a great personality too. And she’s just learning how to take steps on her own. Now the trouble begins. *lol*

  2. PLEASE send us a copy of the last one…she looks SO big!!! Thank you guys so much for coming it was great to see you and the sleeping beauty!
    You guys look great and CootieGirl is a doll…and Grace loves her best friend! (even if she does try to pet her like a cat!)

  3. What a cutie! How wonderful that CootieGirl and Grace are friends already. You all looked fabulous. A day full of God’s blessings.

  4. I sent you a bunch of pics via e-mail after I made this post. Let me know if you didn’t get them. I reduced the byte size on all of them to mail them. If you want that photo or any for printing, just let me know and I’ll put a high-rez version of it on the web server for you to grab. Just let me know and I’ll email you the address where you can get it. The version I sent you probably won’t yield a great print.

    We had lots of fun. It was nice seeing Rob’s dad again and meeting a few new folks. We didn’t know you had friends. I mean besides us. Sure you had co-workers and family. Actually, did you have any friends at the party? *lol*

  5. Um, we didn’t want to tell you guys that you are our only friends because of the pressure it would put on you…but I guess the cat is out of the bag now!!!!

    Thanks Aunt Jen and Marmie for saying she is a cutie…and it was a great day full of God’s blessings.

  6. No pressure on us. We’re still in NJ and you’re still in Queens (moving to upstate NY) and we don’t expect to see you as often as we’d like. The White Elephant and maybe a few other times throughout the year. Maybe we’ll get you to look at homes in Bloomfield one of these days. We’d love to be neighbors again. Can you imagine the girls growing up together? Plus we’d each always have a baby sitter. Whoo Hoo!!!!

  7. I could become a Jersey girl once again. I would love the girls to grow up together and never, ever date boys together!!! When we start house hunting I will allow Jaynee to bombard us with houses in your area and I will even look at a few!!!

  8. By the way…where did Marcia go in picture #1. That is so funny it’s like she wasn’t there at all!!!

  9. Yes, it’s funny. Looks like she’s bending down right behind you. Wha’ happened? Did you see “A Mighty Wind”? You should. Jen will tell you how much she liked it. And we will definitely bombard you with homes in our area when the time comes. Just tell us your price range and what you are looking for. Whoo Hoo!!!

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