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Over the past few months I’ve taken a step back from doing paid posts – only taking them on occasion. However, the next two months have a LOT of expenses coming our way: property taxes due January 15. Car taxes due November 30. Kennel fees due December 1 for our trip to NYC for Thanksgiving. Plus Christmas presents for our families. Result? We need to earn an extra $2100 in income over the next couple of months to pay for everything. Not the easiest thing to do. Obviously the crown on my tooth will have to wait – I’ll do that in the spring with our tax returns (if we get anything, that is).

On Friday I’ll be working some OT and will tell my boss that I’ll work all the OT I can over the next two months. I’m also committing to doing more paid posts. I’ll try to do them over on my other blog as much as possible, but some opps I can ONLY do here because of the RealRank this blog has over my other one. My hope is to earn between between $150-200 per week for the next couple of months (although it’ll probably end up being only $100 per week if the opps are crappy).

I will start praying HARD that my two craft fairs in November go well and that I make lots of sales. I had to spend the money and order some pattern fleece fabric that I found today – four patterns of which I KNOW will sell at my mom’s open house in November. I just had too many solid colors in my closet and not enough patterned fleeces for blankets. I just pray I get the fabric in time so that I can make the blankets and get them to her before her event.

So to my readers, I apologize about the impending onslaught of paid posts that is coming your way. I’ll try to make them as entertaining as possible. And at least there’s an end in sight – by November 30 I won’t be able to earn any more before everything is due, so the paid posts should only go for the next 5-6 weeks and then it’ll slow down to a trickle again. And I’ll be sure there is plenty of REGULAR content in between all those posts, like I did today.

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  1. Well, there is still a “pile” of Etsy stuff left for you to do for me. Also, I have all the Holiday New Arrivals that are going to take time to list. I am hoping to get my end done this weekend. What say you?

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