Goodbye VoIP – We Hardly Knew Ye

So we’re leaving Vonage. It was fun while it lasted, but we had problems so Denis has demanded that we go back to a landline phone company. You see, he has a keypad that he uses for his business that dials out every night to get updated. Well, it won’t work with Vonage and for the past month or two has given him problems with updating. We’ve also had issues with our direct tv not being able to dial out on several occasions.

I don’t mind going back to Verizon – we hardly ever use the phone to make calls anyway. Long distance will be 10 cents a minute, which is no big deal since we hardly use the phone to dial out. No monthly fee for that. Just flat rate. Same for regional calling – 5 cents per minute.

We were eligible for the $50 rebate but had to sign up for a $23.95 phone plan. However, the rep told me that as soon as the line is activated on Verizon I can call back and ask for the $8.95 plan and still get the rebate. So our monthly bill will be about $12 plus or minus. It’s actually cheaper than Vonage! *lol*

The only weird thing is that for about three weeks starting in late October we’ll have a completely different home number while they switch our number over from Vonage. No big deal, since we’ll be on vacation from Nov 2-13, but still – I’ll have to remind our kid/house sitters that the number is different and to NOT make long distance calls from our house. They all have cell phones, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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