Good Weekend…Busy Week

Ready for another hodge-podge post?  I’m getting good at them!

I turned 40 on Saturday, and it was a nice quiet day.  Sometime in the afternoon I opened my presents, which included a few DVDs, a CD and some foodstuffs.  I then took the kids to the pool for a couple hours and watched as they spent most of their time doing cannonballs into the water.

Sunday was another quiet day – I did some freelance work, Denis opened his Father’s Day gift, and then he and I went out to dinner and a movie.  We went to Fatz Cafe (yum) because I had a coupon for a free birthday dinner.  Then we went to go see “The Hangover” which was hilarious.

“Hangover” made up for “Superbad” which I had cringed through the night before.   That movie was just awful and I fast-forwarded through at least 30 minutes of it because I was so offended.  It takes a lot to offend me (I’m pretty easygoing in that regard) – but that movie offended me greatly.   I was a bit nervous about “The Hangover” but I like Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms, so we went for it.  It didn’t disappoint.  Yes, it’s puerile comedy, but this was well-done puerile comedy and I laughed myself silly through the whole thing.

This week the kids are back at a new VBS and I can already say I like this church’s method a lot better than the one they went to last week.  The church they went to last week were WAY too anal-retentive and controlling, but yet completely disorganized.   The church this week is much more laid back and easygoing – and surprisingly organized.  All in all a much better experience.

Other missions for the week include getting a pest treatment for the house tomorrow morning, changing over the car titles now that we’ve paid off both cars and own them outright, taking the kids bowling (free), to the movies (also free), to the zoo (yep, free!) AND to the pool (always free), and picking up CB’s latest shot record to prove to kindergarten that he does NOT need another MMR shot before he can start school.

And that is  all for now.  Time to head to the pool!

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