Good Weekend

We had a good time with my parents this weekend. My dad was gracious enough to do a lot of electrical work around the house – we had several lights that weren’t working, and he fixed them all. He was also kind enough to buy us a brand new grill because the one he was going to bring us was kind of falling apart and not worth the trip from VA. So Denis will be able to grill up some fine food now on the new grill.

Denis and my mom also worked a bit on the website she wants created for the new company she’s starting with one of her friends – I know she’ll be happy when she’s online and “ready for business”.

For me it was a restful weekend – I did nothing, which was nice. Other than watching tv and going out to dinner, my weekend was completely stress and activity free (that’s the way I like them).

The upcoming week will be busy – we lucked into some US Open tickets for Tuesday night’s match. God bless Meredyth for offering them to us! Then Thursday I think Denis and I head to the movies. And of course, on Friday night my sister arrives for the holiday weekend. Whew! I’m already tired and the week hasn’t even officially begun!

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  1. Hi there! After some trials and tribulations, I dumped MT and am now a pMachine convert. That is another way of saying I am back in the blogging business. Come visit the new blog.

    Denis- Looks like baseball is going to muck it up again, and this time maybe for all time. If they strike this year I will abandon them forever (and no, not just because the Twins are doing OK this year). Despite what Michael Douglas said in Wall Street, greed ain’t always good.

  2. Steve,

    I agree with you. If they go on strike, I am turning my back on baseball for a very long time. Not just this season, or the next one. Hopefully, forever. The players and owners had better come to their senses in the next three or four days.

  3. What movie are you going to see on Thursday?

    Should I feel guilty that you’re tired before I even arrive on Friday? =)

  4. Jen, Denis is going to see Tadpole and I’m going to see The Good Girl – at the same theater, different screens. And no, don’t worry – because we won’t be doing anything while you are here. =)

  5. OK, I was worried you were going to see something I’m interested in and I was going to make you wait until I’m there!

    Doing nothing is always good. =) I am hoping for a little bowling with A&A though…

  6. Tadpole promises to be a great movie. What are you talking about, Jen? Would you be interested in seeing One Hour Photo when you come? We might not be able to go see that because Jaynee only wants to see movies that have been out two weeks so we can use our cheap passes that I think never expire, but you’ll have to check with her.

  7. Really, the only thing I’m interested in seeing right now is Signs. But I can wait for that if you’ve already seen it or aren’t interested.

    I’m a little interested in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but I know you’ve already seen that and I can definitely wait for the video on that one.

    I’d like to work on my blog too. I’m ready to splurge on the bucks for my own webspace like you guys have. So I’m hoping you experts would be willing to help with that too?

  8. I don’t believe it cost that much for the domain and the hosting service for the year combined. Maybe under $100. You’ll have to ask sis. She set the whole thing up.

  9. OK, that’s more than I was expecting…that’s why I wanted to talk to you guys about it. I may need to rethink that!

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