Good Weekend All Around

This weekend my sister was here for a visit for the Labor Day weekend. It was a busy weekend, and a LOUD weekend. She brought her 14 year old mutt, Annie. She’s a cute dog, but a very vocal one, and she constantly barked at Cooper, who desperately wanted to play with her. Annie wasn’t havin’ it and would growl, bark, howl and otherwise make noise to make Cooper stop. By the end of the weekend her poor little vocal cords were shot and Cooper had learned a bad habit – barking. He’s a non-barking dog, but he barks now when he sees other dogs. He never did that before this weekend. Denis took him for a walk last night and apparently Cooper barked a few times during the walk.

Other parts of the weekend were good – we went bowling. Denis and I finally got our bowling balls drilled, so we’re officially in business on the bowling front. Methinks we’ll be going more often now. It was fun – we had seven people total, including Ace, Anthony and a couple of Ace’s pals visiting from out of town. I had the lowest score both games. I never said I was good, people.

We also rented lots of movies since it was a rainy weekend. My reviews have been posted of the ones we’ve seen so far. The last one left is “Shallow Hal”, which I’ll probably watch tonight while Denis is in Brooklyn at a minor league game.

We also managed to paint a coat of yellow paint in our bedroom, with Jen’s help. It looks fantastic – better than I could have hoped for. And we still have a whole gallon of paint left, so I’m hoping that I can use that same yellow color in the living room if we end up going with a color scheme that includes the yellow color.

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