Good Times

Once again the festivities at this year’s company holiday party were fun and fabulous. The reviews on the food are mixed today, but I can say that everything I tried tasted very good – but there were a lot of things I just never got around to trying because most of the night I wasn’t near the where the food was being passed around.

My bartender ended up doing well at keeping the Malibu just for me. At one point in the evening I went up for a glass and he said, “I heard a rumor about you – is it true you are drinking this with chocolate milk?” My initial thought was “People are talking about me?” I said I was and he said it sounded awful. I demurred and told him that if there was any Malibu and/or chocolate milk left at the end of the night I would let him have some. Sure enough, when the party ended there was enough Malibu and chocolate milk to make one last drink, which I promptly gave to him. He took a sip and was surprised, saying, “Why on earth does this taste so good?”

Once the tree is lit on Rockefeller Plaza the party ends pretty quickly around here, so by 10 p.m. we were on the streets heading to the Paramount Hotel for drinks. We had about 20 people in the group and it was a lot of fun. I was surprised that the three guys that usually stay out the longest all went home early because they were with their girlfriends. I guess that they had to be on their best behavior or something. But the remaining crew split up with some folks going to a diner for food and the rest of us heading to the local dive bar that recently got renovated.

I hung out there until 1 a.m. and took a car service home. I walked in my door around 1:30 a.m or so and immediately took a shower because I smelled like cigarette smoke (from hanging out with co-workers who wanted company when going outside to smoke) and liquor.

It was hard to get up this morning at 6 a.m. to get ready for work. And I forgot to take Motrin before going to bed so I woke up with a raging headache as well.

But it was worth it – I had a great time and am glad I stayed.

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  1. Malibu & Chocolate Milk:

    You know its been a good 3 yrs since I have tried your drink of choice. Maybe this weekend if you have it on hand, I will put my lips & taste buds to the test again.

    “Live life on the edge!”

  2. Malibu and Grapefruit?? *shrug*

    It can’t be any worse than the Malibu and Chocolate Milk… Guess I will be trying two drinks this weekend.

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