Good Neighbors

Okay, so you know how on other blogs you read about people who hate their neighbors for various and sundry reasons? You’ll never read about that as long as I live in NJ, because my neighbors rock.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that one set of neighbors is thinking about moving to NC/SC instead of TN and yesterday I got confirmation that my other neighbors are also considering it (Denis had said that, but I didn’t know for a fact).

Yesterday while CootieGirl and I were hanging with Art in the pool we had a long talk about my research into Fort Mill, SC. At some point he joked, “So will you hold our land for us?”

“Absolutely!” I said. We briefly joked about buying a large multi-acre plot and divvying it up three ways. Little do they know I’m completely serious about it.

here’s 2.53 acres for $125K. Divide that three ways and each person gets .84 acres of their own for $41,666. Considering the fact that all three of us are on only .18 acres each – that’s a significant improvement! Seriously – my house is so close to my neighbor that I was able to run a phone wire from my upper floor bedroom window into her lower floor living room to set up my new Tivo box when it was installed and required a landline for setup. So .84 is more than enough.

…I’m really liking this idea. Now I just need to make sure my neighbors follow through and actually do it.

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