Good Day Thus Far

1) Had a good weigh-in at Weight Watchers today. I’m back to my pre-Disney WW weight. Only 2.2 pounds to go to meet my 10% goal. Next week is the last meeting so I REALLY REALLY want to lose that 2.2 pounds before next Tuesday so that I can get the 10% keychain! THAT WOULD ROCK. So I’ll be a Wii demon over the next seven days to try and get there. I played Wii Tennis this morning for 20 minutes or so – hope to do more tonight.

2) Time has been moving quickly again today. I have been working on dictation for quite a bit today which helps time move. It also helps that Mr. BIL has lots of little projects that need doing.

3) Last night I spent a few hours on the Wii playing more Lego Indiana Jones. CootieBoy didn’t do as well last night and got VERY frustrated after a while because his little Lego Indy wouldn’t do what he wanted. By about 8 p.m. he was in full meltdown mode, and when CootieGirl shouted “Shut up!” at him, we were done. CG was lectured for inappropriate behavior toward her brother, and CB was told that he could play some more the next day. Once they both calmed down they both admitted they were tired and went to bed without a fuss. I played the game a bit longer (I get more accomplished when they aren’t slowing me down by having their characters run into walls the entire time), until I got to a point where I just couldn’t figure out what the game needed me to do. I spent 30 minutes in ONE ROOM ALONE trying to figure out how to get a box of a pedastal to put into the statue, to no avail. I finally gave up when Denis got home from the gym and we turned on “The Mole.”

4) Speaking of “The Mole,” I am NOT happy about their casting choices for this season. I much preferred Seasons 1 and 2 because at least those teams worked TOGETHER for a common goal, whereas this season is a much more reality-tv seasoned team with lots of needless bickering and baiting. It’s pointless and really takes away from a show that theoretically SHOULDN’T have any of this fighting (and is the main reason I loved the Anderson Cooper seasons so much). I hate that “The Mole” has been reduced to casting stereotypes instead of fun, smart people who genuinely like games, puzzles and figuring things out for a common goal. Remember Season One? Those were the days, people. I love Season One.

5) I forgot to Tivo “The Bachelorette” so I have no idea who DeAnna Pappas booted. Let’s hope it was Twilley or Jesse. PLEASE. Update: I saw an article online that said she let Twilley go. Thank heavens! Next week she’ll dump Jesse and then we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty – Graham (no!), Jeremy (no!) or Jason (yes!!!!!).

6) If the weather holds today I hope to take the kids to the pool tonight for an hour. We’ll see. I’m hoping I can talk CB out of playing Indiana Jones tonight in favor of the pool.

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