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Went to Weight Watchers. As expected, I didn’t lose anything from last Tuesday. However, I also didn’t gain – I stayed the exact same. Phew. I’ll take that! After the meeting Nic and I walked up to Harris Teeter so I could buy some canned fruit for my lunches at work. It was a nice trek, including a hill, so well worth it. We then came back the scenic route which was more shady. All in all we walked 1.7 miles in about 30 minutes. According to my calculator online that equals about 240 calories burned. Nice!

And the other good news is that I’m now only 1.5 pounds away from my 30-pound goal, and only have to lose 3.5 more pounds by next Wednesday. I’m hoping this walking really helps! I also decided today that I’m going to begin walking more often, and bought a really nice pedometer online that will not only track my steps but comes with a software package so that you can track your progress on the computer. That’s totally “me” so I’ll be excited when that arrives (hopefully before Disney).

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  1. There goes the birthday gift. I saw a pedometer that hooks into the usb on your computer and was thinking of getting it for your birthday, but I guess I’ll think again. Thanks.

  2. There is still plenty on my Amazon wishlist that you can pick from. In fact, I’ll try to update that this week so that it only has stuff I actually want.

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