Going Silver

This morning I discovered my first grey hairs. Or, silver hairs, as it were. They are on my right temple, and I’m SO excited. I’ve always thought women who let their silver hair shine proudly looked marvelous. In particular, I love Louise Pitre, who is GORGEOUS with her silver hair. And my mom has really beautiful silver hair too.

So, imagine my surprise this morning when I was brushing my hair and discovered a few “sparkly” hairs at my temple. Technically “surprised” isn’t the word – after all, I’m 34 years old. Most women would probably freak, though, at their first grey hair. Me, I’m giddy like a school girl.

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  1. Heh. I have a feeling you’ve had gray hair for a while but you haven’t let your natural color go for a number of years, so it was hidden. I can’t imagine that I would have a headful starting in my early 20s and you wouldn’t get your first until your early 30s.

  2. Alas, I had my natural hair color less than three years ago and left it natural for about a month before dying it a lighter blonde again. So yes, I HAVE seen my natural hair color (it was when I was growing out my short-short hair which I’m getting back in a few weeks when I chop off all my hair). And no, I did not have any grey hair as of three years ago.

  3. You both are fortunate that you can cover your gray successfully, with blond or red. So,Jaynee, now you are a grown-up! šŸ˜‰ Or perhaps that happened when you became a mother. The gray hair ususally comes from *being* a mother, but that doesn’t apply to Jen. Hers is probably from stress and heredity.

  4. Mine started as heredity and stress has probably sped up the process. Although when you think about it, at my age, Mom, you had about as much gray as I have, right? So Jane has been fortunate so far.

    Jane, DO NOT cut your hair short.

  5. I agree ~ DO NOT chop off your hair. If you MUST go shorter, go with something that has some style, not a plain jane (!) or a Marine cut (gross). Consider the feelings of your poor husband. You are his wife, not his roommate.

  6. Ladies, I’m cutting my hair. End of story. Yes, I know it looks better long, but you don’t have a 9-month-old CONSTANTLY tugging at your long hair as though it’s a personal playtoy. Next time I hang out with you two, I’ll start randomly pulling your hair really hard and see how long it takes before you start thinking that short hair may be the best option. And obviously I’m not getting a frickin’ CREW CUT. Give me some credit.

    And Marmie – that’s ridiculous to say “think about your husband” – he has nothing to do with it. My “poor” husband loves me whether my hair is short or long, and he understands my reason for wanting to cut it short, even though he prefers long hair as well. YOu make it sound like men who have wives with short hair can’t possibly love them. You DO realize that’s not sane?

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