Going Back to Cali

Well, since it’s after midnight I can officially say, “Yay! Today I go to California!” I can’t believe the trip is finally here. I booked the tickets back in mid-July and it’s finally time for me to fly and visit some “Buffy” pals.

Of course, C.L. lives about 90 minutes from the fires, so that’ll be interesting flying into her local airport. I moved my flight later today to an earlier time. I originally planned on flying out at 5:20pm, but when the airline announced that people flying to CA were allowed to make ONE free change to any travel between Oct 28-Nov 3, I opted to move to the noon flight in case there were any delays. I’d rather arrive in Cali at 3 p.m. PT than 10 p.m. PT anyway.

I’m so excited. I had a rough day at work today (this due to being out of the office the first three days of the week due to my Illustrator training). I even worked late tonight because I had to get a few projects done today before I left.

That’s it for now. Sorry we haven’t been posting much lately. It’s just been a really busy week. More next week, I’m sure!

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