Goin’ To The Dentist

Last night while brushing my teeth before bed something happened. Don’t know what, but something. All I know is that all of sudden I had a LOT of pain on the right side of my mouth both on the top and bottom.

Now, I haven’t been to a dentist in about 3 years – possibly longer. I don’t remember the last time I saw the dentist in NJ but it quite possibly could have been 2004. I stopped going at some point because I felt they were forcing me to have procedures done that weren’t necessary – or were splitting them up into 4-5 appointments so I’d keep paying the $50 co-pay.

So let’s presume that I never did finish whatever work they were doing. Cut to mid-2008 and it results in OUCH last night as I brushed my teeth. The pain was so bad that it took me a long time to get to sleep. And then once I did fall asleep I was fine except Denis came in around midnight and woke me up and I felt the aching again. Took a while to fall asleep, but did – until CootieBoy came in around 1:15 a.m. and woke me up again. I did at some point take a couple Tylenols which I guess helped, but I’m not sure because I eventually passed out again.

This morning I have a steady throb going on the entire ride side of my mouth. I logged into our dental plan website and found a dentist that was accepting new patients. I called and was told they couldn’t even MAKE the appointment until I had four items of information – I only had three of them.

“Can’t I just give you that fourth piece when I come in for my appointment?” I asked.

“I’m sorry – I can’t even put you in the appointment system until I have all the information.”

At that point I broke into tears – a combination of lack of sleep and pain. I hung up and went back on the dental plan website to find that fourth piece of info. It took about 20 minutes, but I found it. Called them back a while ago and made my appointment for later this morning.

I just pray that they can take care of it immediately. I would be really mad if I show up and they just take x-rays and make a second appointment to have the work done. Because that won’t cut it. I need this taken care of TODAY.

And I’ve learned my lesson. No more going 3-4 years between appointments.

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  1. Be prepared for a root canal. If you don’t mind a local anesthetic, it hurts only in the wallet.

    In the meantime, avoid hot drinks or heating pads. That just makes it worse.

    Hang in there.

  2. As predicted by Uncle Bill – I’ve been told I need an immediate root canal. My appointment has been made for this afternoon.

    I can handle anesthetic – but the wallet part is tough because I can’t afford the root canal. Fortunately, it’s covered 100% by my dental plan. However, so was the appointment I had with the dentist this morning and I *still* somehow had to pay $73 out of pocket.

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