Goin’ Back to Cali

So I’m going to California during the last weekend of October. I’ll be going alone, leaving Denis with CootieGirl for a couple days of bonding sans mama. I had debated on whether I would go to the Buffy party being held in Huntington Beach that weekend, but realized that I really liked the California contingent of people I met last July in Connecticut. So, I decided to attend my third Buffy party in two years.

I managed to get excellent airfare ($212 roundtrip includes taxes), excellent hotel ($53 per night includes taxes), and an excellent rate for a CONVERTIBLE ($60 per day includes taxes). It’s going to be so much fun to see the CA women again – they really are a riot.

And before you make fun of me for going to CALI for a Buffy party, let me just say that Buffy is an “excuse” for the party. The Buffy parties really include NOTHING about Buffy – in fact, the entire subject of Buffy is pretty much off-limits during these events.

So cheese it on the jokes.

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  1. Oh, yeah. Why wasn’t I invited? I thought I was going on this trip when we originally spoke about it a year ago?

    And this will make three trips you’ll be taking this year without me.
    California, some kind of shopping trip either in VA or somewhere, and North Carolina. Looks like I’m going to have to start planning my separate vacations with my friends.

    Hmmmmm…anybody want to go to New Orleans, some place in Texas or Arizona, or London with me? I’ve got plenty of vacation time I haven’t used and don’t have any plans for.

  2. Jaynee, I’m not sayin’ a word, ya freak! =)

    Denis, I’ll go to London with you!

    OK, I can’t really go to London, I need to save my leave for my free Disney trip in January. And then there’s the dough…but it’s a nice thought.

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