God Can Be Pretty Cool…

So remember how last week I told you about the fact that I was sponsoring two children, through World Vision and Compassion International?  And how even though $80 wasn’t a LOT of money, it was enough that it was going to make it a stretch to find that every month?

Well, last Friday I had my annual review at work.  I’ve been at that job for a year now, and I love my job.  I’ve been blessed to have found a place where I enjoy what I do, I like the people I work for, and have fun with the people I work with.  And so the reduction in pay to take the position, while not WORTH IT, per se, is less of a trial because I know I’m where I’m supposed to be, regardless of what income I could earn elsewhere.

So at the end of my review, my boss beams at me and says, “I’m so excited to tell you that you are being promoted!”

Needless to say I was in shock.  The way my job works doesn’t really lend itself to promotions.  However, my boss has been SO happy with my performance these past 12 months that she went to her boss and requested a change in my position.

And what came with that change in position?  A raise.  A raise that covers that $80 a month that I needed to sponsor OA and SK!  And not only that, but there is some leftover after that as well.  Talk about a major blessing!  I almost started crying right there in her office because my thoughts quickly moved to OA and SK and the fact that I could now officially AFFORD to sponsor them, without reservation!

Absolutely amazing.   Be a blessor to someone else, and be blessed as well.


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