Go Cyclones

Last night, I went to my first Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game. And what a game it was. The Cyclones opened the first with three quick runs, and the Crosscutters slowly chipped away at that early lead. By the sixth, the Cyclones were down by a run. They held tight and scored the tying run in the bottom of the ninth. The game went to eleven innings. We had to leave by the bottom of the eleventh if I was going to catch the 11:40 bus home. Fortunately, the Cyclones hit a two-run homer in the bottom of the eleventh and we all went home happy.

Jude and Ted

This is a picture of two of the three people who went to the game with me. That’s Jude and Ted. Ed is not pictured. He went to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx to buy a bag of peanuts for us. Just kidding.

I’d love to go back to another game. I’m not itching to go see any major league games soon. This was so much fun. And very goofy as only minor league baseball can be.


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  1. I see we have abandoned our MLB team and are looking for a winning team. And it looks like you found one.

    Me? I will hang my MLB team until they lose in the playoffs. Go Twins!

  2. Go Twins is right, but I really enjoy St. Paul Saints games as well. I always thought minor league ball was more “fun” and has more of a hometown feel than major league ball. Although I rarely miss a Twins game on TV.

  3. Denis, just because you pick bad sports teams to support doesn’t mean you aren’t a great guy. Minnesotan’s can always recognize great guys.

    And I have to admit I hope C-Mart and Coles-cream have good years. Fantasy football does influence the way you watch football.

  4. I don’t play fantasy football, but someone here at work is running a football pool. I could win big bucks each week. Well, not that big, but baby needs a new pair of shoes.

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