Go Away, Writer’s Block!

I hate writer’s block. I had it last night at 10:34 p.m. “Buffy” was over, I had sifted through reviews of the episode and was prepared to write my first article for the “Buffy” topic at Suite 101, an online web guide where I’ve written on such topics as the rave culture and Hollywood biographies. I’m now about to take over the “Buffy/Angel” topic from Ellen, who doesn’t have time to do it anymore.

But when I sat down to actually WRITE said article – an analysis of Buffy Anne Summers – it just wasn’t happening. So I surfed some more, checking all my email accounts, reading other blogs, and read more reviews of the “Buffy” episode that had just aired. And at 10:34 p.m. last night I almost turned off the computer and went to bed. Because I had NO DESIRE to write anything. And you can’t very well take over a topic if you have nothing to say, right?

But then I thought that the same thing can apply to this blog. Sure, I’m all excited to do it now – I’m in the honeymoon stage right now – posting three, four times a day. But what happens in a year when I’m not in the mood? Does a blogger just stop posting one day, goe on a temporary hiatus until further notice? From what I’ve seen there are bloggers out there who have been doing this for YEARS. How do they do it?

Then I realized – the folks who have blogged for years just talk about what they want to talk about – they don’t hold to some standard held by their visitors (or at least, most don’t). And once I came to that realization, the words for a Buffy article came into my head. Next thing I knew I had a finished article that wasn’t too crappy. So I was pretty happy with that.

I don’t know when I’ll officially take over the topic. I’ve written a guest article for the current editor of the topic, but am currently in the “application” stage to take it over completely. But you know I’ll let you know when it occurs!

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