Glasses for the Kids – Phew!

We all know the economy sucks right about now. I’ve lamented about gas prices, grocery prices, dental prices and all kinds of other prices on this website over the past few months. I love a good bargain and am always seeking them out when I can in order to save money.

As I mentioned before, CootieBoy had a vision test last week at his pediatrician appointment and as he was doing the test my mind was whirring in panic. What if I had to get him a set of prescription glasses? Since he’s only four, it would mean getting new glasses every year as he continues to grow and his eyes continue to change. Talk about expensive!

But that’s when I remembered that I could get cheap eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. They offer prescription glasses as cheap as $8.95 with $4.95 shipping. I breathed a sign of relief, realizing that the expense wouldn’t be as drastic as I feared. And they have cute kids glasses to boot, which is nice to know.

Fortunately, CootieBoy has 20/25 vision, so no need for glasses just yet. But you never know when that might change. And it makes me want to have CootieGirl’s vision checked as well. Denis has great eyesight, so it’s possible she, too, takes after him and won’t need glasses. But next time she goes for a checkup I’ll have them run a vision test on her as well.

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