Getting Things In Order

Lots to do before we leave for Disney! Fortunately, we have the pet situation taken care of. Our babysitter is going to housesit for part of the time, and then my neighbor will take over and pop over three times a day to let Cooper outside and make sure all the animals have food and water.

We’re having our garage door opener replaced tomorrow evening. This is a relief – I want to park my car in the garage while we’re gone and so this will be great. What’s funny is the Lowe’s installation guy actually lives in our subdivision. Talk about convenient!

I have done 90% of the laundry and will actually start packing tonight or tomorrow. I also need to clean up my sewing room since we’ll have guests on Friday night. And then I’ll have to make sure I have a set of backup sheets ready to go on the bed on Saturday morning for our housesitter. I may only have flannel sheets for backups. Oh well – that room can be cold sometimes, so I’m sure she won’t mind.

We also have to do some major housecleaning. Our house is a wreck. Tonight’s mission: clean the bathrooms and vacuum the entire house. I guess I’ll tackle the guest room and packing tomorrow night.

I can’t believe the trip is finally here. I booked this thing so long ago – in fact, I booked it while we were living in our short-term apartment when we first moved to SC in July 2006. So it has been a long time comin’!

Update at 8:40 p.m.: I have vacuumed the entire house from top to bottom, and cleaned the guest room. I am sweaty and gross, so I’m done for the night. Tomorrow I’ll clean the bathrooms and pack. Now it’s time for a light dinner and the American Idol finale. Fortunately I am 45 minutes behind so I should be able to fast forward through a good portion of it and still end on time. Nice!

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