Getting There On All Fronts

Yesterday was another busy day, and I could easily sleep today away. GGma and I headed over to her place early in the morning and continued getting her place organized – I got the last of her things put away, and then unpacked the last few boxes. We also made a run to Wal-Mart where I picked up some things for storage in her closets – a shoe rack, a small table with shelves, a plastic set of drawers for her closet. I put all of those together as well. Once done we took a tour so I could show her where everything was.

All that’s left is to go back today and get rid of the packing materials (their recycling center isn’t open on weekends, so I’ll have to take it all down today), make sure her phone is set up, add a couple services to her monthly rent (bi-monthly housecleaning service and meal plan), and then once again review the MANY services available to her at her new place. She also wants me to move one of her bookcases to another spot in the apartment.

All in all, it was a relatively easy move – would that all moves were that seamless! This one was a dream compared to last time – you may recall when she moved earlier this year we had to deal with her mild hoarding tendencies.

On our own home front, we continue to unpack boxes and wash the dust off everything. While I was at GGma’s yesterday Denis was hard at work and managed to unpack another dozen boxes or so. As of this morning we only have 21 boxes left (that sounds like a lot, but it’s only about 1/3rd of what we originally had packed up). And some of those boxes aren’t kitchen related, but dining room related – we had to pack up some dining room stuff because we moved the doorway that connected the two rooms).

So while the kitchen is still a mess, I was able to snap a few pictures for you to see. I’ll wait until next week to post the final OVERALL shots of the transformation.

The mini-coffee bar area between the fridge and the pantry

Slowly getting artwork on the walls.
The wall ovens (pizza cooking away inside).
Stovetop area with black granite backsplash and stainless steel range hood.

The money shot – pantry only half full.

The pantry is great, but it’s taking us time to figure out just how to organize it and get everything in there. It’s not as easy as “put things on the shelves.” The basket in the picture is not staying there – that’s a test run to make sure it would work with our bracket system (it does, obviously). Our intention is to put two shelves side-by-side under the lowest shelf on the left side of the pantry. We’ll put all the kids’ lunch snacks and sides in those baskets. And yes, we have a lot of cereal – for a while the sales were so good I was getting them for $1 a box, so we’ve got a bit of a stockpile going.

Our contractor returns tomorrow to do a couple last minute things. We noticed that one of his guys painted the lower wall in the dining room the wrong yellow, and continued that yellow on another wall but didn’t finish it. So that has to be fixed. He’s also going to put in the bracket rails for the baskets in the pantry (the right one holding the basket in the picture above is not actually attached to the wall – he slid it in there so it would be in place for when the baskets arrived since we initially thought we’d have the baskets on the back wall). Then I’ll hand over the final check and we’ll officially be cash poor again. Just like the good old days.

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