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So for the past few months we’ve had a green blob slowly take over our big screen tv. It is now to the point where everything is a sickly green color – no matter what settings we put on the TV. I went online last night and it turns out this has been an issue with our particular kind of LCD tv – to the point where Sony has extended its warranty to allow for replacement of the optical block that causes the problem. Today I called Sony to put in for the replacement (which includes parts & labor for free), and they gave me the names of the local companies we can call to get that repaired. YAY!

In other news, CootieGirl did VERY well with her run this morning. Despite very cold weather (it was in the mid-40s during her 30-minute run), she did 31 laps (out of 35). I’m very proud of her for not giving up. She never even stopped – she would walk occasionally, but for the most part she ran at least 25 of the 31 laps she did. Get this – I took 353 pictures at the event today. That’s ridiculous! I got it narrowed down to about 100 which I resized and sent on to CG’s teacher in case she wanted to show them to the class as a treat.

When CootieBoy and I got home it was beginning to rain, so I quickly ushered him inside and ran back out to reseed and treat the yard. We’re getting rain the next seven days, so it was the perfect time to lay down new seed to thicken up our lawn. I also laid down fire ant treatment so that we’re less likely to get fire ant mounds this summer (we got a few huge ones last year).

The rest of the day we’re just laying low. Harris Teeter triples started today, but there are only a handful of things I’d get, so I’ll wait until tomorrow morning and go after I drop off the kids at their respective schools.

That’s about it for now. I do have a cute CB story which I’ll tell in another post.

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