Getting Away From It All

Happy post-Labor Day weekend! My weekend is still going, as today I just returned from a 3-day trip to Annapolis, MD to visit a former co-worker of mine for the weekend.

She moved from Charlotte to Baltimore in the spring and I told her that I would be coming to visit her during part of the Democratic Convention which is taking over Charlotte for the week. Sadly, I was only able to arrange for a couple days off, so I’m back even though the convention’s busiest two days are tomorrow and Thursday! Poor planning my part.

Despite this, my pal Farra and I had a good time together. We went shopping in downtown Annapolis, went to go catch a movie (“The Dark Knight” – which I thoroughly enjoyed), met up with my pal Meredyth for brunch, and basically just hung out. It was capped off yesterday when she had to work, leaving me alone for the whole day – I spent the day napping in front of the TV, doing a bunch of nothing. It was HEAVENLY.

I flew home this morning, and when I arrived home I found this going on in my backyard:

The walls are taking shape!

WOOT! So excited! The new windows and sliding doors are in the garage and they also look fabulous – we are going to have so much light in the new kitchen it’s going to be like, well, night and day, if truth be told.

We’re still on track for having the new cabinets arrive next week, too. So really, the next three weeks are going to go amazingly fast. Which is a good thing, because this is what our living room looks like right now:

Where did that salt shaker go, honey? I can’t find it!

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  1. Thanks, Kelly! They did even more before quitting time – our kitchen has been halfway disassembled, and if the rain lets up tomorrow they’ll finish framing the outside, finish disassembling the rest of the kitchen AND break through to join the two into one space!!

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