Gearing Up For The Weekend

Last night I filled up my car gastank given the fact that the price will surely go up over the next few days thanks to Gustav. I pray for the folks further south and give them the good judgment to leave if the storm gets to be too much. And I pray for the safety of those who opt to stick it out.

I also popped over to Target to pick up a wireless mouse for our computer. Our corded mouse just doesn’t have a long enough cord for us – we need about 3″ more. *lol* I’m sick and tired of it (and so is Denis, who actually planted the idea in my head of getting the wireless mouse), so I spent the money to get a wireless. Haven’t set it up yet, but I’m excited about it.

I also picked up more shoes for the kids. We threw out a bunch of their old shoes and once done CootieGirl only had three good pairs and CootieBoy only had TWO (and one of those is getting too small ALREADY even though I bought them only two months ago). Now CG has five pairs (which is good because she’s rough on shoes like I was when I was her age) and CB has four – and the two new ones should last a while because he has at least 1″ in the toe of each of those.

I also splurged and got two more things – the marble game Kerplunk, which I knew the kids would like (they did – we played twice last night and this morning CG asked if we could play again tonight). I also bought……Lego Star Wars. I couldn’t help it. Really. I just went over to see if they had Mario Olympics, which was the game I WANTED to buy. Well, they were out of that but had ONE copy of LSW, and so I picked it up since it was on my wishlist anyway.

We don’t really have any plans for the long weekend. With any luck the rain will stop here so I can take the kids for one last dip in the pool. But other than that, we haven’t planned anything specific and will have to figure out what we’ll do. I do know that a lot of people took today off work – watching the traffic report on TV this morning I see that the one spot on I-77 that is normally backlogged was free and clear at the height of rush hour. Woo hoo!! With any luck Mr. BIL will be nice today and not keep me there until 6:30 p.m. tonight.

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