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I’m officially a gas price water now. I signed up as a spotter at Gas Price Watch, a website where everyday people can list the gas prices in their area so that others can find the cheapest gas in town.

The fact that I had to pay $33.50 to fill up my little tiny gas tank had me downright livid today. The cheapest price I could find was $2.65 at the Costco. And yes, I know that is cheap – NJ is famous for having cheap gas. But we have high property taxes, so it balances out now, doesn’t it?

So anyway, on the way home, knowing I was going to be getting gas, I decided to take notes on all the gas stations I pass to and from work. I pass a total of 8 stations and the cheapest price was Costco. The price on 6 of the 8 was $2.99 for regular. Another station had $2.73 and might be an alternative for me because there was NO ONE getting gas there when I drove by tonight (whereas Costco was jam-packed and I waited 20 minutes to get gas (and I was in the SHORT lane)).

Curiously, three of the stations I drive by weren’t even listed at the website, so I added them and they should show up in the next couple of days. Since I have to fill my tank once a week it’s going to be rough paying $30+ per week just to get to work. That’s $120 a month. Thank God I don’t pay tolls in addition to that anymore. But if prices go up much more I may see if I can telecommute one day a week for a couple months just to save the gas. Another alternative is to carpool with a guy at my company that lives just a couple minutes away from me. His hours are 7-4 p.m., which Mr. Russell might not like but that may be a better solution to telecommuting. Anyway, don’t know if my bosses will go for it (maybe Mr. Russell will, since he commutes from Princeton himself), but I’m certainly going to do some begging if need be.

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  1. The cheapest gas (not including Costco.) is right on Alwood, going up towards your old park and ride. There is a gas station there that has the cheapest gas I have seen. Its always like 8-10 cents cheaper than most in the area.

    Also, if you think gas prices are going to go up, the best day of the week in NJ to get gas is a Tuesday. They raise/lower all gas prices on Wed.

    Just an FYI

  2. Ace, the GSP and NJT raise their prices on Fridays.

    That gas station you are talking about (at 630 Allwood) is at $2.99 right now – NOT the cheapest anymore.

  3. I heard an interview this morning on FoxNews that gave this website if you suspect price gouging at the gas stations: He said gas stations are not supposed to increase prices until after their delivery of new supply has arrived. If you suspect “foul play” report them and complain in person. He said he complained to his gas station in Connecticut and the manager lowered the price posted to the previously posted price. We need to be pro-active ~ we shouldn’t have to just accept it!

  4. We’ve had gas stations locally change prices several times a day this week. Out of control.

    I paid $2.65/gal on Monday when I last filled up. Yesterday that station was at $2.81/gal.

    I’m so thankful that I don’t have the commute I used to. I’m saving so much gas and money just by removing the I-66 portion of the commute.

  5. I should have filled up yesterday too. It was $2.99 at Costco when I was there this afternoon. I could have saved about five bucks on my fill up. 17 gallons.

  6. how can a gas station,or a truck stop raise the price on gas ,or diesel fuel,two or three times on what they bought days ago. they all are doing it. if that isn’t price price fixing,idon’t know what you call it.thank you.

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