Oh my gosh – I am SO happy I stayed up for Saturday Night Live tonight. Not because Jude Law is hosting, but because Ashlee Simpson’s lip-sync track messed up and they had to cut away quickly when it was obvious it couldn’t be fixed and she wouldn’t be able to “sing”.

That was hilarious…

Update at 1 a.m.: She just blamed her BAND for the mishap – she said, “I’m sorry – my band started playing the wrong song!” Uh…No, honey, we ALL heard your tape get screwed up. It wasn’t your band’s fault – it was your fault for not being able to sing live. Mua ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Update: CNN has a a video of the blunder for anyone that wants to see it (must have CNN NewsPass membership to view).

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  1. This is so typical of what the musical industry would like us to accept as talent !! The fact that she tried to brush it off on her band was even worse !! She is a phony and deserves the same fate as Milli Vanilli (Or however you spell it !!)

  2. I heard different on a couple radio stations. Supposedly, it is on a “start” track to get both the band and her starting at the same time. If you listen to the voice of the tape that is played, you will hear that the tone of her voice is different than what she actually sings at. Not sure i believe it but I’ve heard her sing live and she actually sings very well.
    Wasn’t she suppose to sing a totally different song than what was played?

  3. I whole-heartedly agree with Jen’s comments above. Calling something an enhancement track implies that it is backing-up and providing support to a performance. In this case, I personally don’t think she can sing and when the “back-up” track is passed off as the main track, it’s very decieving and in bad taste. Understandingly, she sings “Pop” music so one could argue that most poular music isn’t exactly cutting-edge of even meaningful. But if I wanted a recorded performance I would have watched a music video. This wasn’t a music video it was a performance. I think we need to re-examine what defines a true artist! Because that wasn’t art, it was a product, the same as if I was watching a commerial. (sidenote: Bette Milder ran all over the stage as a young up and coming singer and she STILL sang great without the need for lip-sync)

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