Fun Weekend

We’ve had a fun weekend around here for the most part. Nice and quiet. Denis was home from work on Friday, so he took the kids out for the afternoon and I stayed in watching the beginning of Season 2 of “The Tudors” on Netflix online.

Saturday we chilled out once again – I watched more of “The Tudors” while the kids made a mess with their toys (again). Denis had gone to a festival just over an hour away (only it turns out the festival took place in June, so he decided to go grab some lunch and walk around the park for a bit before coming home). Upon his return, he sparked up the grill and we enjoyed some BBQ, burgers and dogs for dinner. Yum! Then we just waited for it to get dark and headed into the back section of our neighborhood for fireworks. And boy were their fireworks! The center of the street was lined with canister after canister. I figured CB and CG would be afraid of being that close, but they had a blast. There was a DJ set up blasting music, and the kids alternated between dancing to the music and watching the fireworks.

We got home around 10:45 p.m. and put them to bed for the night. And believe it or not – they were up at their normal time this morning (which is around 7:30 or so). Crazy kids.

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