Fun Weekend

I know the weekend technically isn’t over yet, but the past few days have been good. Last night we took the kids to a Charlotte Knights game and for the first time ever made it to the end of the game and were able to catch the post-game fireworks. It was the Knights’ last home game, and fortunately they won 7-5. A fun night out.

Today the kids baked cookies with Denis, and we’ll frost them once Denis gets home from running a couple errands. Then, if the weather holds out, I’ll take one or both kids to the pool with me this afternoon.

I went to a Bunco event on Friday to fill in for a regular that couldn’t make it. We ended up not playing the game itself, but I still managed to turn $3 into $27 with another game that they played. So I was happy with that!

In freelance world, I’m 95% done with one project, and received the second part of another project that I thought was dead in the water. So I have enough work to last me through Wednesday at least. Then I won’t really have anything in the pike for quite a while. There isn’t much available on Elance right now (summer stall?). Today I finished my application for a part-time work-at-home job, and I’ll know in a week if I get hired or not. Edited to add:: Didn’t have to wait a week! I just got the email a while ago that my application was approved and I start work this week! Huzzah!

Not much else going on, really. I’ve made up a tentative daily schedule for myself once the kids start school. A good mix of household chores, freelance (or the WAH job) work, “me” time and exercising (which is NOT the same as “me” time). No sitting in front of the boob tube eating bon bons for me!!! No, I’m embracing this forced stay-at-home thing now that summer is over. I’m the next June Cleaver (with a bit of spunky Mary Tyler Moore thrown in for good measure)!!

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  1. Somehow I can’t picture you as June Cleaver (our moms, totally) but you’ll rock the at-home-mom scene. 🙂

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