Fun Night Out

We went to another NJ Jackals baseball game last night. It was boiling when we first got there, but once the sun fell behind the stadium it was a really lovely night out. CootieGirl fussed a bit towards the end, so we left in the seventh inning. Jackals won. They are a pretty good team, I must say.

Today I go to NYC to visit Denis’ office as well as my own. It’ll be our co-workers first looksie at The Baby. I hope she doesn’t fuss while we’re out. I think she’s teething a bit – she’s drooling a bit more and working her tongue against her bottom gums a lot. She’s also gnawing away at her thumb at every opportunity. I never would have put the two together if Cathleen hadn’t told me that her son Eugene has been doing it a lot lately (he’s six weeks older than CootieGirl).

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