Fun Few Days

Well, my mom left to go back to Virginia this morning. It was a nice visit – she cleaned my house! I knew she would – she can’t help herself.

She arrive on Monday night and when we got home from work there was a huge pile of baby presents on our coffee table – baby wrapping paper abounded! After dinner Denis grabbed the video camera and recorded me as I opened the presents. I was amazed by the generosity – judging by the gifts you’d think that 20 women were planning on attending, not 10! We got a wide variety of gifts ranging from clothes to burping rags to a mobile for the crib (which is already set up and ready to go). It’s time I get started on my thank you notes!!

On Tuesday Mom hung out at the house all day instead of going into the city – she wasn’t feeling well and opted to stay out of the cold. So instead she pulled out the Windex, the vacuum and who knows what else. But my house is CLEAN. YAY!

Last night we watched American Idol (more on that in another post), then while she watched 24 in the living room I went upstairs and watched the episode of Buffy that I recorded – it proved to be ONE OF THE FUNNIEST episodes in a long time (it ranks right up there with “The Zeppo” in my mind). I love Andrew. He SO needs a spot in the credits.

Once the tv shows were over we headed to the attic to work on my mom’s tea website – she has lots of changes and I’ll do most of them tonight. She also has a lot of additions, which I’ll do once she emails me the info.

So this morning she opted to leave super early to try and beat the snow that has already started in VA. With any luck she’s already past Baltimore at this point and in the home stretch.

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  1. Mom is hipper than me. I don’t even watch the show. Or am I so hip because I don’t watch much television?

  2. Denis, I think we’re both hip – we don’t watch even close to the amount of TV that J&J do. But you did sit and watch 24 with me which was nice of you.

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