Full of It

Actually, it’s full of CG. My 1 Gig micro-drive in my digital camera, that is. It’s full again. Wonder why? And I’m making sure I have all the images from the card on my computer before I erase the whole drive. In the meantime, here are a few new pics of CG. BTW, Jaynee slept until almost 11:30 today. That third shot is a pic of Cooper and me sleeping as we watched TV last night.

Tonight we have a baseball game to go to. Jaynee got me tickets for my birthday to see the local independent league team, The NJ Jackals. Should be fun as long as we don’t get rained on. Yesterday’s game was rained out.

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  1. Picture #1 caption – Ahoy, matey!

    Picture #2 – so cute and that hair is still pretty red. Woot! And the outfit is cute.

    Pictures #4 and #5 – Denis looks like a happy and proud Daddy and another adorable outfit. You want her to be a nerd as an infant? What’s with the white knee socks? *lol*

  2. The white knee socks were because it was cold outside and I didnt’ want her going bare feet – it just so happened they were pulled up really high in the picture…they are usually folded down.

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