So you know how I’m big into an online version of Survivor? Well, this post is a mild vent about the game. I’m VERY frustrated right now and powerless to say anything to the folks participating in the game!!!

I’m playing in two games this year. One as myself, and one as a persona. In my persona game I got booted yesterday. And what sucks is that one of the people I was aligned with (we’ll call her Sally) started to doubt me as well as my strategy for getting rid of an alliance of three people (who I was “working with” (although I really wasn’t and was telling Sally every conversation I had with them)). Well Sally ended up joining up with that alliance of three and the two floaters to vote me out.

And now that I’m on the jury and privy to all of the private messages that are made by the active players, I see that she’s got the entire picture twisted – she absolutely misinterpreted how I was playing the game, and in turn is making the folks that joined with me in the vote look bad. Which is a shame because they were loyal and believed in my plan (which I absolutely was sticking with). What also sucks is that Sally convinced me to vote out someone last week who I planned on sticking with as part of our alliance, by putting doubts in my mind about THAT person. And she did the same thing this week about me. She’s crafty, that Sally.

And the jury – man are they a bunch of bitter, bitter people. There’s one guy on there (we’ll call him Billy Joe) who only has nasty sarcastic things to say about EVERYONE in the game. It’s ridiculous and pointless. When my boot happened yesterday I made ONE comment about being booted on the public board and then promptly disappeared from the active game. In my mind, that was my little “goodbye speech” that everyone on the show gets, and it’s not my place to comment on the active game anymore. But these other jury members are the worst peanut gallery EVER and are constantly posting petty things on the public board.

I like my other game MUCH better (although one of the people from my persona game is already on the jury in this other game and might know that at this point). The people are much nicer, are genuinely having fun (as opposed to being bitter) and it hasn’t gotten cut-throat yet. YET.

Okay, I’m done venting. Back to our normally scheduled programming. 🙂

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