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Par for the course, but it’s a total change today from last night’s serious health-related entry. Today we must talk about the hotness of James “Spike” Marsters. In particular, we must talk about the beauty that is James Marsters’ hip bone, because ladies and gentlemen, fans of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” got a nice view of his hip bone in last night’s episode. My response? A bit of drool and a fervently whispered, “He’s so hot”, which is my mantra during any Spike scene. If I can find a screen capture, believe me, I’ll post it for you.

Last night during the entire episode (Episode 7.08, “Sleeper”), I couldn’t help but hope that Mr. Marsters finally gets Emmy recognition. Since Season Five he has had a LOT of character development and his acting is just outstanding. His character is so complex and JM handles whatever the writers throw at him. The only bad thing is that after this I can’t see him in any other role. I fear he’ll never have a real career because he’s SPIKE. He can’t be anything else in my mind. I want the British accent, the cocky attitude, the sneer. I want the tortured soul, the romantic, and the ever-faithful. Lucky for me, BtVS is out on DVD so that I can always have Spike, perhaps my favorite television character of all time.

And it’s not just because of that hip bone.

Added to my Christmas List: a Spike Standee.

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  1. *shaking head in wonder*

    I don’t get your complete obsession with anything Buffy…I just don’t get it. It’s amazing to me.

  2. Do you not SEE the cheekbones in those pictures? Those alone are worth the obsession. But add to that, JM’s acting abilities have surpassed everyone on the show – thanks to good writing and his acting, Spike has gone from a one-note wonder in Season Two to a fully developed character since Season Seven. He’s easily the ONLY reason I watch the show. Okay, well that and I just plain like the show….

  3. He sucks in to get those cheekbones, come on!

    As we discussed a couple of weeks ago, you prefer the pretty boys while I prefer the more rugged type.


    YOU: Jeff Probst, host of Survivor

    ME: Phil Koeghan, host of The Amazing Race

    YOU: Legolas, the pretty elf in LOTR

    ME: Aragorn, the not-quite-king in LOTR


    Not that I can’t appreciate the good looks of the pretty boys, but they’re too…pretty! 😉

  4. Sweetie, he doesn’t suck in his cheeks – that’s all natural. Watch any episode and you’ll see that. He was BORN with those gorgeous cheekbones.

    Um….when did I say I had the hots for Jeff Probst? I don’t recall that….

    As for Orlando Bloom vs. Viggo Mortensen – they are BOTH on my fake boyfriend list, I’ll have you know.

    *goes back to drooling over James* *and Orlando and Viggo, for that matter* *but not Jeff Probst*

  5. Hmmmmm…you may be right on the Jeff Probst thing. I was merely using him as an example anyway. My point was made, though, I believe.

    You removed the double post? You didn’t think that was sadly amusing? 😉

  6. you bought ‘house on haunted hill’ just so you could see the first five minutes, didn’t you? he’s in it, and i think he even has two lines (something like ‘we’re gonna die!!! do something!!!’)

  7. *lol* Mike – if he had had a larger part in the movie, yeah, I probably would have bought the movie. But alas, 3 minutes and two lines aren’t enough to make me spend $9.99 at Blockbuster for a PVT.

  8. Jane, I have to agree with you all the way. He is one hottie! good lord is he fine…FINE!! *whew* it should be a crime to look so good.

    Billy Idol all the way.

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