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Seems that Cootiehog has good a few days without a new entry. Could there be nothing new with the Cootie kids? Do we want to be know as the Cootie kids? Doubtful. Let’s see. Jaynee’s sick. I’m not. I didn’t laugh once at her. If I sniffle from a cold, she’s on the floor rolling at my suffering. Maybe I’m just a better person. She should learn from me. I’m a good teacher. Wonder what the problem is here? Hmmmmm….the student?

Mother’s Day is this Sunday. We’ll be going out to California Pizza with my mom and brother for dinner. That’s the way mom wants it. Mom gets what she wants on her day. Besides, she’s paying. Just kidding. Mom gets to eat what she wants, doesn’t have to lift a dish or reach into her wallet. And if she plays her cards right, she could be a few bucks richer after she gets through with her gift. Nothing like a hint. Good thing I know mom has never been on the Net, and has no desire to start now.

In other news, the Mets keep losing. There is no joy in Metsville, mighty Franco has struck out his last batter — perhaps. He needs “Tommy John” surgery, and at his age and with the amount of money he’s got in the bank, just hang it up, forget the surgery, and buy and island in the Carribbean some where.

I’ll be adding some pics this weekend. Not sure what, but Cootie will have some pics this weekend. And that’s the news from the Cootie kids.

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