Free Food For 30 Days!

Today Denis and I started a 30-day pantry challenge. Ever since I began my stockpiling habits at the beginning of this year, our pantry and freezer have been overrun with extra groceries. Many months ago I asked Denis if he wanted to do a pantry challenge, and he balked. He likes the freedom of being able to run out to pick up that random ingredient that would make a dish more perfect than it already was. However, last night he said he was up for it.

And so today began the pantry challenge. Well, sort of. I admit that I went to the grocery store – to stock up on things that are on sale this week that I wouldn’t be able to buy once the challenge started (like yogurt and Denis’ olive oil butter). So, I suppose the challenge technically started today at 1:30 p.m. when I was done putting the groceries away. Although we’re very low on cheese…maybe we should start it tomorrow… *lol*

In any event, starting today we will only be going to the grocery store for necessities like milk and fresh produce. Our deep freezer and both our fridges (yes, we have two – we brought our fridge from NJ and bought a house that had one) are full, and it’s time to clear them out of some of the older stuff. In the beginning I know it’ll be easy – we have tons of stuff to choose from. But I’ll be curious to see how we’re feeling on day 22, or day 27, when our pantry will be decidedly more empty.

A bonus to this is that our grocery bill will cut down to practically nothing this month – which is a good thing since property and car taxes are due, and unemployment is possibly coming to an end.

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  1. Cathi, we pay our property taxes separate from the mortgage. I’d prefer to have it be part of our mortgage so we wouldn’t have this year end crunch, but it’s not. And beginning this year, we pay our home insurance separate from the mortgage as well – that’s also due in November. When we refinanced that changed as well. Fortunately, the car taxes aren’t too bad, and go down every year as our cars continue to depreciate. I predict next year we’ll be down to $250 for both cars combined.

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