Forgot This Cooper Story

I forgot to mention this. The other day, our front door bell rang just as I was finishing up in the kitchen (or starting, I can’t remember). I had on my sweatpants, t-shirt and my socks. I think there were two or three salesmen of some sort at our door, but I never got to find out because Cooper ran out of the house to greet them, then promptly took off down the block.

I chased after him in my stockinged feet. He stopped half way down the block to greet another couple with a dog and took off again before I could coral him. Off to the end of the block he went. He stopped to pee in the spot he usually does when I take him for a walk. That’s when I nabbed him. Bad dog.

I got back to our front door with Cooper and one young salesguy was still standing at our door. He was smiling and I when I got within 20 feet of him I yelled something like “Whatever you’re selling just get away.” Then I finished it off with “Thanks for nothing.” as I slammed the door behind me.

Needless to say, they didn’t make their sale, and I’ll never know what they were pushing.

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  1. The Mormons are out and about down here…maybe they were your visitors.

    Black pants, white shirts, ties, backpacks, bikes…sound familiar?

  2. Did I mention anything about white shirts, ties, backpacks, bikes? These guys certainly didn’t match that profile. I figure they were either pushing politics or religion and I had a dog to chase after. Cooper still hasn’t learned to sit and stay at crosswalks, as much as I try to train him when we go out for our walks. One day.

  3. Oh, Cooper has run out the front door once before. Then I had to chase him in my bare feet in shorts. I was a little more clothed this time. And I caught him in about the same spot. Peeing is his weakness.

  4. I was merely inquiring if they might be Mormons since I knew they’re starting their missionary work for the summer.

  5. This is the time when swallows come back to Capistrano, too, and I didn’t think they were birds either. We get many more Jehovah Witnesses than we do Mormons in the NYC area. It think Mormons must be a southern thing. In fact, I’ve never seen a Mormon in my life. At least not that I know of. I’ve seen plenty of guys in white shirts, ties, carrying backpacks, but never riding bicycles. NY is not a very bicycle-friendly town.

  6. They weren’t mormons – they were probably some high school kids doing an end-of-year fundraiser. They had clipboards in their hands, not bibles. And they were dressed in shorts and t-shirts. Definitely not mormons.