Forget Google Earth…

Okay, when I first downloaded Google Earth I thought it was the coolest thing ever. But today I discovered that Microsoft Live Search Maps is so much more details it’s almost SCARY. I looked up our current address, our old address in NJ, our old address in Queens, my parents address, and the address of our land. The pictures were CRYSTAL CLEAR. It was amazing. It was interesting to note that the satellite image of our current house was obviously before the former owners did the landscaping in the front because the front yard is basically a dirt patch and none of the landscaping we have now (that I hate and will get rid of eventually) is in the picture.

The picture of our land was awesome. On Google Earth it’s not the clearest of pictures, but the Microsoft version is so clear that I can even see the electrical box which is hooked on a plank of wood near the road.

I’m gonna LOVE playin’ with that website. *lol*

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  1. You must be looking at the wrong house because the front yard is exactly how we have it. You can’t see much of it because the house is in the way, but I see the cut out in the front yard, like it is right now. Most of the grass if yellow, much like we have now, but it’s all there.

  2. Oh, no, you’re right. I just look again at a different angle. you’re right – the landscaping IS all there. AND the picture must update often because the truck on the street in the last shot I looked at is no longer there. Wow….so if I look in another 30 minutes I should see your car in the driveway, huh?

  3. That IS pretty cool. Our neighborhood pictures aren’t as current. It appears that they are around a year ago judging from the nearby construction. Still amazingly clear.

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