For My Birthday

For all June kids (thanks to Meegan for the link):


Thinks far with vision (yes I do), Easily influenced by kindness (sometimes I am), Polite and soft-spoken (polite, yes, soft-spoken? Not!), Having lots of ideas (they don’t call me “The Planner” for nothing!), Sensitive (ack – sometimes), Active mind (Yes!), Hesitating (No), Tends to delay (nope – I tend to jump in too quickly), Choosy and always wants the best (meh – not really), Temperamental (Yes), Funny and humorous (*blushes* Yes), Loves to joke (Yes), Good debating skills (Yes), Talkative (Yes), Daydreamer (Yes), Friendly (Yes), Knows how to make friends (I used to – my skills have fallen by the wayside in recent years), Abiding (as in law?), Able to show character (Yes), Easily hurt (No), Prone to getting colds (HA! Not! I’m the healthy one in my clan), Loves to dress up (Ack- that is so NOT me), Easily bored (Yes), Fussy (I admit to being a germ-aphobe), Seldom show emotions (Anger I show really well), Takes time to recover when hurt (Nah – I recover quickly), Brand conscious (Not at ALL), Executive (*lol*), Stubborn (VERY), Those who loves me are enemies, Those who hates me are friends.

All in all, I’d say it’s only about 50% correct in describing me. Which is typical of a Gemini (if you follow that sort of thing). Geminis are twin-natured – you never know if they are coming or going.

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  1. Interesting link. I think the March list is mostly me…there are a couple things not at all like me.

    Happy birfday!

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