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I promise this blog isn’t going to become obsessed with food and dieting.

BUT, last night I calculated how many calories I had for the day, and it came to about 2,000. Now, that is the amount of calories I need to basically MAINTAIN my current weight. So it stands to reason that I’m probably eating about 1,600 – 1,800 on average since I’m losing an average of a pound a week, give or take.

So I’m going to make a concerted effort to stay around 1,500 calories a day. Denis and I talked briefly last night about how to plan a day for that – for instance, Karen Carpenter (which is what I’m going to call my dietician from now on) wants me to have breakfast every day. I know breakfast is important, but I’d almost rather have no breakfast, a light lunch, and a nice dinner. Today I’m going to try it her way – I’ve brought in a packet of instant oatmeal which I’ll make once Mr. BIL goes into his meeting. I’ll have my Lean Cuisine for lunch after my 30 minute walk, and then I’ll have a light dinner. But something tells me that once the kids are in bed I’ll be feeming for some food big time without that satisfying big dinner.

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  1. I am like you ~ when dieting I’d rather save my calories or points for the end of the day. HOWEVER, I have also learned that breakfast really does set the tone for the day. If I don’t eat breakfast then I am not properly fueled and never feel satisfied during the day. As for the after dinner, late night thing, my choice is a small (and I mean small) bowl of cereal, with Sweet and Low. It gives me the fiber, crunch factor and sweet that I crave. Also, the more fiber you eat during the day the less hungry you’ll be. It’s magic stuff.

  2. You can try GoLean Oatmeal.. Very High in Fiber and not as much sugar and calories as say the Quaker guy. I mean he’s cute, but the GoLean is much healthier.

    As for the snack, I read something the other day that said that eating Air Popcorn (no salt/no butter=no flavor) is the best crunchy snack after dinner as its filling and its good for you.

  3. Side Note:
    Oatmeal to go sounds like a bad burn waiting to happen. Also, it’s best for people to drive while in their car and save eating for a table?

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